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Weeping Willow 4-5 ft, Live Plant,

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About this item

  • Live 5-6 ft. Weeping Willow Tree comes with easy to use plant food and features free-flowing foliage that arches up and around the trunk of this mighty tree
  • Light-green foliage, almost tiny whisps, sprinkle downwards from a flowing frame — this tree holds true to its name, as it elegantly sways while securely planted in the landscape
  • Weeping willow is a very fast grower and loves the sun! This tree would prefer a spot in the landscape that receives full sun exposure throughout the day — no shade necessary, although helpful
  • Mature Height: 30-40 ft. | mature width: 35 ft. , with a fast-growing trunk reaching almost 8-10 ft. Per Year!
  • Weeping willow is a bold landscape accent — this tree does best as a stand-alone feature next to poolside, patios, or decks for large shade coverage. This tree is also popular in community parks, gardens, zoos, and even cemeteries for its playful structure and interactive limbs