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17.7 inches Dried Wheat Stalks, 100 Stems Dried Flowers 100% Natural Wheat

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  •  100 STEMS WHEAT SHEAVES: There are 100 stems wheat stalks in each wheat bunch, which is about 17.7 inches long (much taller than others). Each bunch of dried flowers has the tightest packaging to ensure that the wheat stalks are not damaged.
  • 100% NATURAL: Picked by farmers from the wheat fields, bathed in the sun, and dried naturally. Without any additives, the original state of wheat is preserved. it exudes a hint of wheat flavor.
  • Great Addition to a Farmhouse Decor.: Ideal for wedding tables and festive decorations. For example, Mother’s Day, Easter, DIY Thanksgiving Christmas and parties. It can also be used for the production of crafts such as Wreaths, greeting(invite) cards, and decorations.
  • Dry Flowers : The golden dried wheat is ideal for home decoration, such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. Let you feel the autumn atmosphere no matter what season you are.
  • FULL SPIKE WHEAT: Each bunch of wheat is picked by the farmer from the wheat field, and the spike is full, which provides you with the farmhouse décor style in your living room and a sense of nature.
  • What makes us different?: We use new packaging to prevent your product from getting bad. You will receive 100% natural dried wheat stalks in perfect state.