Seed Storage - How to Save Vegetable Seeds for Next Season

Planting vegetables and having a kitchen garden is a very good hobby that keeps you busy in constructive activity and at the same time saves your money by providing you and your family with fresh and healthy vegetables. Here is some important information about seed storage for next season

One thing is for sure that nothing in this world is useless and same is the case with vegetables. When we see vegetable too big in size and mature we discard it because they would not have good taste. These mature vegetables are used for getting seeds for next season.  Even when we pick vegetables from our kitchen garden we should leave some vegetables to get mature for seeds. This is how you should carry out your seed storage:

Remember! Always choose a healthy and mature vegetable to get seeds.


  1. Peel the vegetable and try to take out the pips.
  2. Put the vegetable in a pot of water with a pinch of baking soda and remove the pulp from the vegetable easily.
  3. Rinse the pips properly and remove the pulp properly so that the seeds do not smell later when the pulp decomposes.
  4. Place them on a clean surface and let them dry naturally. You will have to leave them for minimum 3 to 4 days. For certain veggies this can extend up to a week as well.
  5. Turn over the seeds after two days so that they do not stick with the surface, as scrapping might damage them.
  6. Put the seed in a completely dried jar and cover with a lid having small holes in it for air circulation.
  7. Seed storage should always be done in a dark, cool and dried place. This way vegetable seeds can be stored till the next season.
  8. Label the seed with its name and add the date when you store it.
  9. Do not mix different pips.
  10. Check the seed periodically for mold or fungus.


Different vegetable seeds are extracted through different methods. For example; bean seeds are extracted from bean pods after getting them dried and then the seeds are simply extracted. On the other hand, to get watermelon seeds just take the seeds from the fresh fruit while eating. For lettuce, wait until lettuce go to seed, put a pillow case over the seed head and shake off the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are also taken directly from the fresh piece and dried afterwards. So with just a little bit knowledge and effort we can extract and store vegetable seeds for next season.

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